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Our Products and services​

Ezrulie-​fredabotanica, is a full service botanica  offering a variety of high quality spiritual products, and services. We gladly accept special ​orders on products upon customer's request. Ezrulie-Fredabotanica , now offers worldwide shipping service to our customers. Customers, also ​​have the flexability of ordering products via our online webstore. The products listed Below are just a few products we offer.  Please visit us at to view more of our available products.


Spiritual Soaps

Seven Day Candles

Spiritual Perfumes/Lotion

Florida Water

Spiritual cleansing 

Floor wash

​​Try Our Products and Services

This unique wooden handmade crucifix, is one of our most popular product that customers often demand.​​Ezrulie-Fredabotanica, offers competitive prices on most of our products, and services. What sets us apart from other competitors is our low prices. Here at Ezrulie-Fredabotanica, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, therefore we strive to keep our customers happy. We hope you will find ,the products you seek to fulfill your spiritual needs here at Ezrulie-Fredabotanica.

Welcome To Ezrulie-Fredabotanica 

​Ezrulie-Fredabotanica , was founded in march 2012 by Nicola Stanley, who is also the Operator of Ezrulie-Fredaboutique. Ezrulie-Fredabotanica was named after one of the Hatian female lwa . As there are many ezrulies within the Rada family, Ezrulie-Freda is one of the original lwa brought from africa during colonial times. She is the hatian african  spirit of love, beauty, luxury, and flowers.  Establishing a business in honor of her historical story brings great pleasure to my heart.  M​ost importantly, as the operator of Ezrulie-Fredabotanica , Nicola is honored to provide  service, and assist clients in fulfilling their  spiritual needs. My Goal, is to empower like-minded individuals to live their highest passion in life. All nation, sex, race, and religion are welcome to conduct business with Ezrulie-Fredabotanica . Welcome to Ezrulie-Fredabotanica.